Statistically ...

We outgained them 290-225 (149 passing, 141 rushing to their 134 passing and 91 rushing). We ran 70 plays to their 58. Boyd had 66 yards on 8 carries and Storey had 44 on 12. Boyd also led in receiving with 2 catches for 39 yards.

Of course, you add special teams in and it was a tad bit one-sided: Auburn 191 return yards to the Hogs’ 33.

I am so proud of these guys for playing harder and fighting through to the end.

When adjusted for sacks, Storey had 63 yards on 10 carries. I was impressed with his mobility.

Both the offense and defense improved. Special teams retrogressed.

I’m not so sure the issue with the special teams was regression as much as it was those units had not seen speed like Auburn’s this year.