Statistical look at Central Conn

Won five of their last six including the conference tournament title. 30-21 record. They’re the Blue Devils, by the way.

Nobody in the regular lineup hitting .300. One guy who played in 29 of the 51 games is hitting .386; he may be their Curtis Washington Jr. Only hit 26 homers all year, and that includes four in one game in the conference tournament. Team leader is RF Dave Matthews with 6 HR, including one in the tournament final Sunday. Team BA is .260.

Tom Curtin, junior RHP, appears to be their Friday guy. 6-3 record, 3.96 ERA. Their three starters all appear to be righties.

Weakest team we have ever opened with just hope we come ready to play and put them away early…no drama!!

I hope the hogs just pay attention to getting good quality AB’s and show the discipline to take walks instead of expanding the strike zone. That’s been the number 1 cause for the lack of run production over the past 2 weeks!

Grambling State says hello. That team was awful; didn’t even have a winning record.

why you play the game for sure.we need to come and put the hammer down right away,the longer they stay in it the more confidence they get.

I was there. It was 100 degrees that day; seems like we plated 20 on them.

It was the hottest game I can remember at Baum, with a big southwest wind that stung your face and blew dirt in your eyes. Arkansas hit nine home runs and won 19-7.

The only games that I can remember being hotter were in Tempe and in Waco.

That Regional in Tempe and the Super in Waco both made me glad that I stayed home. I read about how hot it was and decided that I had made the right decision.

I wasn’t in Tempe or Waco, and game 2 of the NCS with Molester State was a night game, but I promise you standing in line for three hours for bleacher seats at TDA for game 2 was as hot as I’ve ever been in my life, and that includes the heat wave we had about five years ago when it got to 116 degrees in Fort Smith.

That Sunday game in the Mo State super in 2015 was a pretty good scorcher too.

The rain on Monday (when game 1 was supposed to be played) felt amazing, that was a hot day too before that. I agree with you about game 2 though. It didn’t help that I probably had slightly too many beers the two days before either.

I’ve been at some baseball games years ago in Austin. I believe it was for a SWC tournament. Ouch. It was critically hot, humid and no wind. There is nothing like Austin heat in late May. It can be suffocating. I believe I was at an NCAA track meet in Austin another time and that really tough, too. Then, there was an early September football game at Austin a few years ago. Pretty brutal, too.

I just hate Austin anyway. And, when it’s really hot, I figure that’s as close to hell as I ever want to be. Real close.

When we beat the Fallopians in 2003 (September in Austin) my son got overheated around halftime and we spent most of the second half in a first aid room pouring Gatorade down him. That was a brutally hot day too but I believe TDA was even worse. I was probably dehydrated myself in Omaha.