Stating the obvious here, but

Sam Pittman makes FB recruiting FUN! I love how competitive he is at the game of recruiting. He really gets the importance of not only recruiting, but recruiting NEEDS and balancing his roster. I haven’t seen any indication of the Houston Nutt recruiting style of signing 9 safeties in one class.

CSP also appears extremely versed in turning over the roster through the portal. None of this is new, but it sure is fun to see a professional at work! Thank you Sam!


Yeah, HDN could recruit, but my complaint was that he had trouble filling needs.

CSP seems to really enjoy recruiting. Watching him at the Catfish Hole, he always has a grin on his face. The last recruiting dinner, he was sitting next to the top ranked o-lineman who was there. I am more and more impressed with everything he does. We got a good one and he loves it here.


I get the comments but we have been heavy on tight ends and light on defensive line with Pittman but portal changes has probably had more to do with that.

I was just thinking the same thing, Cody. It seemed that every year in recruiting under HDN, it was a criisis at some position. No safeties or no LB or now WR, always some gaping hole at some position. he just never could manage a roster.

CSP has a hole at TE…and he has replaced assistants and now TE haul on the way.

short of DL-CSP has rapidly turned over DL coaches, and now is making headway.

we’ll know more about his roster management in 5 years, but so far I love what I see.



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