States that produce the most per capita

I apologize to this staff. They’re doing a good job considering. I knew it was skewed, but not to this extent. … ion-capita

I’m actually surprised it’s that high for Arkansas. That’s not bad per capita at all…Unfortunately, per capita doesn’t really matter. It’s shear numbers that matter and, because of population, that number will continue to be quite low for Arkansas.

Arkansas is the hardest job in the SEC. We have very few great recruits and we do not buy kids; therefore we will always have problems having a great team most years. I see people on the board calling for a coaching change and these people have no clue what we are up against. We are lucky to have as good of staff as we have at Arkansas.

I was talking last night to a guy who covers the SEC and Southeastern recruiting; he used to work in Arkansas which is how I know him. He says cheating is so rampant that he’s decided it’s just how business is done. In fact, he says he has personally delivered under the table payments to a player’s mother as a favor for a friend. There are schools that buy recruits, and others that don’t buy up front but recruits understand they’ll be well compensated once they arrive on campus. He doesn’t think Arkansas is pure as the driven snow either, but his assessment is that “Arkansas is about 25 years behind the times on this.”


Average annual number of blue chip football recruits in Arkansas and its border states:

45.8 Texas
14.8 Louisiana
8.8 Tennessee
7.6 Mississippi
4.0 Oklahoma
3.0 Arkansas
2.4 Missouri

Florida almost equals Texas. Georgia produces 28/year, Alabama about a dozen.

Arkansas needs to put much more effort into recruiting Texas, JMO.

We do need more effort/emphasis on recruiting in Texas.
It may well hold the key to a true revival in Razorback sports.

I had a good friend back in the day who played for the Hogs (starter, multiple years) who said basically the same thing 30 years ago. We weren’t “pure as the driven snow” but it was nothing like Texas, Texas A&M, OU, etc (those we were recruiting against at the time) were doing.

The Missouri number shocks me, the Oklahoma number surprises me.