State paper minimizing UA program does not help

Arkansas needs all the help it can to be a big national program.

And its own state paper demeans it by referring to it by city designation like a junior college.

We want to be a big national program.

Yes new coach and AD may be needed.

But it seems we try to hurt our national brand any way possible as if we have national prominence to burn.

Renaming UA brand is not calling plays or recruiting.

But it creates impression of lower tier program.

If we have to name a new coach, I hope we name a new state paper or end a monopoly.

Thanks state paper for minimizing national UA brand.

That’s Wally and his subordinates I think. No need to get fired up on a journalist who lacks in journalistic integrity.

Positing the ADG’s treatment of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville is a real problem, amidst all of the other problems up on the Hill, demonstrates a high level of cluelessness. Very few care about this.

WINNING! Someone up there needs to start caring about that. And in today’s case, WINNING PRETTY over an inferior opponent.

This football program is an embarrassment.

Every time I see “, Fayetteville” I stop reading the article. I seem to only read posts on this forum now, and listen to sports talk.

Haven’t had a recruit ask about UAF.

I’m not equating a direct 100 percent correlation to recruiting in the time the paper has chosen to demean the U.

I am suggesting a minimizing effect over time to the stature of the primary state program which has been a state brand.

Mimizing it to an equal of UA Fayetteville to UA Monticello or whatever is something you would not see at U of Texas or Ohio State etc.

No question this is a small thing today in light of coaching and AD potential changes.

I just can’t help but wonder whether stadium debates or a state paper minimizing state program brand, the things that are done rightly or wrongly that perpetuate perception that U of A is not a national player.