State of the Hogs

Aloha Clay,
Another awesome feature today when Jim was King.

Most definitely your column is my favorite in all of media. My day always gets to a great start when your column appears. It doesn’t matter the subject. You are at your best and the article just seamlessly flows when you allow the subject tell a story. Obliviously you are an outstanding interviewer because you always get the best out of everyone you interview.

Your dry humor is exceptional. You have to be from Arkansas to really appreciate it. You also deftly weave the past into the present and future.

You are a gift and treasure to all of us. You stepped outside of your father’s shadow a few decades ago and are quietly and modestly becoming a legend. Mahalo for being the person and journalist that you are!

Clay Henry is an Arkansas treasure. We know it. He is a bit reticent when he is the subject of conversation but he has rubbed shoulders with many men in the sports field that cast a long shadow and are held in high esteem, so he knows the truth of it.

Agree completely. It is not really easy to be the son of a great legion in the same field, but Clay has done that well. What I admire is how Clay has made his own style without trying to be OH. We are blessed to have had both. Still, I think Clay’s fishing articals and “history” articals are just outstanding!

Great article on Jim King. I graduated from Northside in 1964. I remember Jim King and the players and all the coaches, etc., that you mention. You provided new material that was facinating to go along with a lot of great memories. Thank you very much!

100% in agreement. Thank you, Clay! Thoroughly enjoying your articles on the new football staff, their schemes, structure/organization and of course, your observations. Much appreciated.

Clay has a special gift when he writes about people he loves. His best work is about his dad. I agree with Jim on his historical pieces on the Razorbacks. Growing up in OH home Clay was close to so many great coaches, players and sports writers.

On top of that Clay is a great husband, father and friend. I am honored to call Clay Henry my friend.

Gosh. I’m just lucky to have great friends here who always treat me kindly. Thanks to all.


Gosh. I’m just lucky to have great friends here who always treat me kindly. Thanks to all.

[/quote]Naw Clay, if you were a hack you would not get the praise. Your only problem might be the high standard that you have set for yourself.