State of the Hogs: Yurachek must find right fit

Here is a column from earlier today:

And this is the column that ran in our magazine printed Sunday:

That was an interesting article, Clay. Sam Pittman…never thought much about him. Kiffin is a gamble, but I would be happy with him. Surely, he has matured. We know he can coach and recruit. Mike Norvell is probably the most popular choice of the fans.

Houston Dale would not be accepted well by the fan base, I don’t think. I was glad to see him get fired, but I guess I could live with his comeback tour. Who would be his offensive coordinator…hopefully, not Houston. He has the ability to do it, again, if he has the energy.

Whoever is hired, I believe the fan base will rally behind, except for maybe Nutt or Gus. We want a winner so bad. I do have faith in Hunter Yurachek. I like him. He seems to be an Arkansas Razorback, at heart, even though he is not a native. This is a defining moment in Yurache’s career. I hope he does well for himself and the state.

As usual, Mr. Henry, I believe you have nailed it. Although my suspicion is our next coach’s name did not appear in your column, I think you have identified what his capabilities must be.

I probably posted something similar, so if this is rehashing, I apologize. This pains me to say this, because I really dislike the Vols and also think Pruitt is kind of dumb, but it appears they may have understood the process of rebuilding from where their program was. I know that even the less successful coaches at Tennessee generally recruited pretty well, so they have some built in advantages. From their horrible start, they have made pretty impressive strides. Pruitt realized that some would not buy in and he did not seem to let too many of them to hang around and work against his plan. Then he started working on improving the toughness and fight of the team.

Not saying that Chad could pull this off or was even aware of dissension within his program or did not create some or much of it. I know many will put in all on him, and while it was his job to build and address culture, whether we want to acknowledge it, there is more than a little evidence that there were people within the program working from their own playbook.

To me the first step, and rebuilding the program will likely not being a one step process, is a coach and staff that focuses on building tenacity, physicality, and the will to compete that eventually builds the will to win. I don’t think we will be patient for this , focusing on the results at the expense of the process.

After watching the press conference, Yurachek seems like a real straight shooter and with Lunney in the interim role, Arkansas is in good hands.

Interesting article and I think you summed it up pretty well. Arkansas needs a great coach. They don’t necessarily have to be great right this instant but they do have to have the potential for greatness. HDN doesn’t have that. If he did, he’d have been hired by others by now. Coach Lunney is an interesting candidate to think about, as is Tim Horton. I have to think there’s a guy out there who has those skills and knows how to coach too.