State of the Hogs: Would you rather make a big hit for a fumble or ....?

Some all-time greats answered the question:

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Great question. It was fun to read the answers.

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It’s a hard choice. I’m hopeful we’ll see a lot of both from the Hogs this year.


That’s a million $ question, but with situational answers I guess. I’ll take either one anytime.

I get paid to ask expensive questions!

Better than Atwater?!?!? wow, that’s a mouthful. I’m a loooooong way from agreeing with that, but I would LOVE to agree 10 years from now.


Atwater was pretty good as a fourth year player. We won’t see Catalon as a fourth year player.


I think a big hit sends a different message than an interception. Something tells me interceptions just aren’t as intimidating.

Tough call.

But I think the big hit/fumble scenario changes momentum in a We-Imposed-Our-Will-On-You way that swiping a pass doesn’t quite do.

Then again, if you take the pick to the house it can be quite the momentum changer, too. The DBs all seemed to want to run with the ball. That probably goes back to their high school days. They got to run with the ball on offense most of the time.

I liked the way Keith Burns explained it.

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