State of the Hogs: Win keeps Ridings’ Tour hopes alive

Thought I was on vacation, but one of my favorites won yesterday so I called him. So much fun to write these stories. Plus my course was closed for a charity tournament and the rivers were high.

Here you go:


I enjoyed that. Courageous is what comes to my mind. When your mind is right, your body will follow. At least that that is that the direction I lean toward. May good fortune smile on Mr. Ridings.

Battling to make the PGA tour again at 46 takes some perseverance, toughness, and an optimistic attitude about your game. I hope he makes it back and wins a PGA tour event.

I don’t swing the sticks anymore as I spend my time playing Disc golf, but my issue is just the opposite…If my body is right (Pain Free!) then my mind and game follow in a good way. My tournament results conversely mirror the pain I was experiencing in my back and knee at any given tournament; pain free equals very competitive play, higher pain and restricted range of motion equals way higher scores!

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