State of the Hogs: What have Pittman's first three months as UA coach been like?

Here is a long story that comes from an interview to preview spring drills done last week:

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Awesome Job Clay! Loved that,can’t wait to see Sam put his imprint on this team.

Thank you Clay, reading that gave me chill bumps (again).
I really really hope the team & coaches get the chance to complete normal spring practices, when ever it happens.

Great Clay. Just the sort of stuff I knew you can give during the down time.

Really interested in just what they are doing and how they are handing the different aspects of the program.

Great piece, Clay! I really like this guy and what he brings to the program. He’s put together a great team of coaches that know their stuff and they have recruited well. Thanks for a column that gives me confidence in the program again! WPS!!

Clay, to me I feel like this is one of your best, it was educational and entertaining. Thank you for a great read…

That’s all

Great article Clay, but as I finished it it dawned on me that all we can hope for in the next month or two is that articles and interviews are all that we will get. So of course Clay, Dudley and Richard we are counting on ya’ll to get us thru this,…Could be worse,…,imagine trying to do a sports talk radio show at this time.

I’m gonna be tasked with your last challenge.

Spring training is a must for this team because you have to know who you can count on and start putting your system into place before August. If we don’t get spring training or very limited spring training will be a big blow to us and just put us further behind

Very good job Clay! I know it sounds like an oversimplification, but Pittman is right, this team certainly lacked mental and physical toughness last year and everyone saw it. If just that changes this team will look and perform differently next season. The confidence will then come naturally.

It wouldn’t have mattered what last year’s team did, if Sam took over, then he was going to stress those things. That’s who he is.

I know you do 4 hrs a week 'cause I always listen,… But 15 hrs a week gonna be tough on radio and TV outlets with no games. SEC channel, Golf Channel and the rest are reduced to re-runs already…First weekend, lousy outside, bored stiff watching “How The Universe Works” reruns… :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am tying flies tonight. I have lots of hooks and I bet I have lot of flies in 4-5 weeks.

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