State of the Hogs: Welch folk hero after years of hard work

Here you go:

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Clay, wonderful piece on Charlie and a look at what we have going for us next year behind the plate… well done.

Welch won’t be the catcher next year, Leach will be the catcher. Charlie will DH, not sure about an other position.

Well that explains a lot Clay, thanks.
As for those other coaches who missed or misled that young man, sorry for their luck.

Welch could probably play first. Slavens is draft eligible.

I don’t wanna think about who else we lose. We’ll be fine, that’s not the problem, but there are a lot of people who could be/will be drafted. Including Charlie himself.

I don’t worry about position for Charlie, no more than I did for Brady Slavens.When Slavens arrived, the rap on him was that he didn’t have a position.

Coaches misleading kids is nothing new. My son in law was a big left handed pitcher in HS and was misled (lied to) by some big time coaches. He ended up JC and played 1st at UALR.

Awesome Article Clay, I remember the 1st HR Welch hit this yr and said wow that kid has A sweet stroke, had never heard of him! What I love about him is he goes to the plate ready to rip! And really knows the strike zone, can only remember 1,2 times all yr where he’s been fooled by a pitch… He will get his chance this weekend probably bc NCS 2 relievers are LH.

Didn’t DVH say he thinks we’ll be better next year?

I have not heard Dave say that. He won’t know the full roster until after the draft.

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I feel like I heard one of the national announcers say that, grain of salt and all that.

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