State of the Hogs: Weather soft, but nastiness found on lines

Here’s a front-page commentary after a visit with Kurt Anderson and John Scott, the two coaches who handle the lines at Arkansas: … sty-lines/

The first 2 OLs in today’s open portion of practice…

LT - Colton Jackson
LG - Hjalte Froholdt
C - Frank Ragnow
RG - Johnny Gibson
RT - Brian Wallace

LT - Paul Ramirez
LG - Jake Raulerson
C - Zach Rogers
RG - Jalen Merrick
RT - Dalton Wagner

Loved the article by Clay Dandy Henry talkin bout the hot and nasty. Maybe Clay spent a little time in Black Oak this summer. LOL! I agree though. Two a days and hot weather are something I definitely associate with pre-season practices. I guess everyone is in the same cushy boat though.

Do you have an opinion on how this line compares to the previous 4 year?

What would you say is the strength of this line, pass or run blocking.

We have not seen enough of them yet this preseason to really formulate a great opinion. I think it’s much improved though. That’s based on what players are telling me. I figure Austin Allen knows. Dan Enos says it’s “like night and day” different. I don’t think there has been a great Arkansas OL in Bielema’s four years. The best was probably year three. Can this be better? Probably. But I don’t know that yet.

Generally, almost all lines are better at run blocking first. This one probably fits that bill.

What I hope has improved is short yardage blocking. If it can convert third-and-1 and inside the 2-yard line on the goal line, this team might win eight games, perhaps nine. I know that’s over simplification, but I really believe that.