State of the Hogs: Walks hard to find through two games

The Arkansas pitching has done it’s job so far in a 2-0 start: … 2-0-start/

Game recap: … iami-ohio/

Van Horn interview:

Clay, thank you, thank you, thank you for including the actual attendance in your game article. They no longer include that information in the box score.

They give it in the press box. I didn’t think it was a secret.

I’m very excited about this team. I hope the pitching staff hold up this year. I think we have a decent lineup of hitters.

However, everything is always good until we hit the SEC portion of our season.

Both the D1baseball site & have the attendance in the box score. It may not show up immediate after the game is over…

The baseball account tweeted out the attendance towards the end of both games.

What is tough sometimes is that they give the paid number, not the actual. They provide both in the press box. The number they are putting in the box score is the paid. I’d rather know the actual.

I have the paid attendance from the official site. What I didn’t have is the actual attendance because I missed it on the broadcast. It is not a secret, but the official site no longer reports it.

Just as the official site no longer provides a true box score, only totals. The full box score (including the play-by-play) can be found on numerous other college sites, but not on

I got the attendance figures today.

They have a lot more than totals. Batting and pitching stats, and attendance , er paid, pretty close to the same box as ESPN and other sites has on MLB. … .91.17.pdf … tate=final
Yeah, a little more details in MLB, it is college bases…
yeah, no play by play, but one could argue a box score is a box score and play-by is play-by :sunglasses: