State of the Hogs: Top 10 keys (Tulsa)

Here you go: … suffering/

As a side note, everyone will enjoy reading David Cottrell’s books. Available at Amazon. There are lots of them. His style is awesome. You do not want to put them down.

Thanks for sharing Clay.

I know I’m picking out probably the most trivial part of a really deep and well written piece, but man, over the coals chicken. That takes me back. I hope its as good for y’all as I’m remembering it being.

You know “over the coals” is the only way to get AQ fried chicken!

This is truth right here.

I had completely forgotten about AQ over the coals. Good memory. We had one in Pine Bluff at one time. Next trip to NW Arkansas I’l have to do some AQ.

Nice work Clay. I’ve always been disappointed when folks rag on Rick. I’ve never met him but from everything I’ve read and heard he is a great guy. We need more like him.

Another great book is Grace is Greater by Kyle Edelman.

Take care Clay.

When I’m in the mood for fried food – what I call comfort food – then I go to either AQ Chicken or The Catfish Hole. Can’t go wrong either place. AQ is really close to the Springdale office for the newspaper. So if I’m in that area, then I’ll stop in at AQ, sometimes by myself. We do our magazine graphic design in that building, the old Morning News building in north Springdale. Normally, I’m in the Fayetteville office, where I have a room and keep my “stuff.” That’s the old Northwest Arkansas Times building close to the old square.

When I read Catfish Hole…my mouth watered. We’ve been living in Chattanooga 21 years and we’ve only recently found “decent” catfish. Every trip to Arkansas we eat a lot of catfish and usually hit the Catfish Hole at least twice.

I’ve only been there once on a recruiting night. It was a blast.

It’s kind of funny, Jean Ann and I have gone into places for catfish quite a few times, only to be disappointed. Once you have The Catfish Hole catfish, nothing else really makes the grade. There is a good eating place just east of Mountain Home on 412. It’s got good food, steaks and catfish. They do a cajun styled catfish with a little heat to it. It’s good, but as Jean Ann and I said this summer, “It isn’t as good as The Catfish Hole.” The fish at The Catfish Hole is a little crispy to some, but that’s exactly how I want it.

Now, I’m hungry and it’s not even lunch time on Sunday morning.

I had that place in Mountain home you’re talking about this summer. It was good, but not catfish hole good.

The only place I’ve had that compares is Shad’s catfish hole in Sallisaw. It doesn’t have the Razorback atmosphere though.

A couple of catfish comments. Mr Whiskers in Hot Springs is good. Also Catfish Charlie’s here in Monroe(thin crispy fish style) is the bomb! Catfish Hole is hard to beat!
Best catfish I’ve had is at Prejeans just north of Lafayette. They smother their fried catfish in this homemade etouffe roux stuff with crawfish in it. Oh-My-Lord!! A local told me about it at a school trip one time with the kids. A must have if in the area with a cup of their seafood gumbo to start! Now I’m hungry!

It would be possible, not probable but possible, to find better catfish than at the Catfish Hole. But you will never ever find better hush puppies anywhere.