State of the Hogs: Top 10 keys to victory (Texas A&M edition)

Here’s the keys to victory for this week’s game with Texas A&M: … as-m-game/

If I was John Chavis, I would bring more people to stop the Arkansas rush and pressure Allen. I would make him and the young receivers beat me. I would be more comfortable letting my secondary cover the Arkansas receivers than letting Arkansas get a run game going to provide play action passing. This would be a mistake against a spread type team quick to get the ball out of the QB;s hand, but not so much against the offense that Arkansas runs. Allen cannot beat TAM with his legs so burden will be his ability to make big plays in the passing game and probably under duress doing it. This would be hard to sustain long drives and would wear down the Ark defense helping the TAM run game similar to TCU.

I think Arkansas has to pressure the QB as well. Thus which team has the more effective depth should prevail–barring turnovers.