State of the Hogs: top 10 keys (Ole Miss)

Here you go:


I personally think TO’s and penalties are crucial for us to control. Penalties are obvious, but even turnovers, if OM is going to run a similar defense to ours, then we can quickly grind their defense into dust. I believe OM is missing one of their RB’s and their best WR, so the chance to force turnovers will increase and that’ll slow down their high powered offense.

I honestly think you missed on Jefferson being a big key. I think he’ll have a big game playing against a defense he knows how to attack and playing in front of every support system he has in Mississippi will be extra motivation. All the talk about Corrall(rightfully so) people are forgetting Jefferson. He’ll make them all remember by Saturday.

Yes, QBs are always a key, especially this week with KJ going home. You are right. I mentioned QBs in the turnovers.

@ClayHenry I suppose I’m going to have to add Apple TV to my system. All this talk about Ted Lasso has me intrigued.

We’ll be in the RV headed for the Keys during the game. Meeting my 7 grands, two daughter and 2 son in laws for a family week. I’ll have it on DVR to watch later.

Go Hogs!

I hope KJ doesn’t have an attack of nerves, what with going home as a starter for the first time, but can’t dismiss that possibility outright.
I expect to see Ole Miss lean a bit more on the run as long as they can. When our guys get a shot at Corral, they should bring the wood, legally, of course. This is going to be a prime time game in the wrong time slot.

What a blast. Be safe and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

No rush on Ted Lasso. And, you could do Apple TV for one month. And watch two seasons pretty quickly. You will watch 2-3 per night. There will be another season next year. The last episode of season two is tomorrow night. My wife and daughter will watch it tomorrow night. I’ll have to wait until Sunday night when my wife will watch it with me, her second time.

We have watched all of the episodes at least twice. The British dialect sometimes gets us and you pick up more of it the second time. Nate (the British assistant coach) is really tough to pick up. He talks softly and with the dialect, it’s tough to understand.

The characters are extremely well developed. It’s a fun show. And Ted is so much like Houston Nutt that it’s scary.

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One thing to know, it’s for mature audiences. It’s got plenty of locker room talk. Salty language is not just common, but it’s everywhere. So you want to watch it when the grand kids are not around!

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Roy Kent may have cursed a time or two. seems so natural for some brits to talk like that. Great show, loved every second of it.


Good top ten for this weeks game Clay…. One thing I’d like you to consider, is either when we have our bye week or it’s the mid point of the season is maybe do a “top 10” on where the team is and where you think we are going. Taking maybe a bigger picture prospective… just a suggestion…

Will try to do that. I plan to take most of that week off. Got a trip to fish the Clinch River in Tennessee, play golf at Honors Course. But I should be able to write one day.

Also, here is a sign in South Haven, Miss. I guess someone here likes Ted. The sign over the highway says Be Like Ted Lasso, Buckle Up, Slow Down.

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You can go to the Razorback game day app and listen to it live with Chuck on the call unless your worried about driving off the road during the game lol

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You need to get at bats, especially older players.

Yes sir enjoy that fishing and golf…

Also, Ted Lasso is good one…. I enjoy the character’s and how they mix…. Good development…

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