State of the Hogs: Top 10 Keys (New Mexico State)

Here’s the Top 10 keys to victory for this week’s game with New Mexico State: … -state-ga/

Clay are they planning on burning M Brown’s redshirt and play him on special teams?

I hope the Razorbacks aren’t going into New Mexico State thinking these are little boys we’re playing against. They have 320, 330 pound linemen, too! If this game were in New Mexico I would be even more worried. Over the past five years New Mexico State has beaten Toledo, Rutgers, and Louisiana Monroe. In the past several years we’ve lost to Toledo, Rutgers (twice) and Louisiana Monroe. I realize Arkansas State beats them every year, but I don’t think they are a pushover in any way.

I don’t think they will be a pushover either. Their strength may play well against our weakness. I hope we’ve got a plan for dealing with their blitz. I’m sure we do. Whether we can execute it remains to be seen.