State of the Hogs: Time to loosen up and find the mojo

Here’s some thoughts after visiting with Arkansas players and coaches after practice Tuesday night: … oose-hogs/

Please explain why they can’t get B Wallace in proper playing condition?

I don’t think anyone can explain why someone loses mental focus when they are tired and some do not. That is mental toughness. When you are fatigued, you still must play at mental sharpness. That is on him. He’s done all the running. When he gets tired, he loses the ability to remember assignments. What did Nolan quote Lombardi saying, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Clearly, they are giving him extra after practice to push him through it. So far it’s not exactly worked or clicked for him.

yeah very true Clay,when your tired it causes you to make mistakes but in all honesty no excuse for not being in shape,that’s on the coaches because as they know Fatigue makes cowards of us all.I like everybody else expected greatness from him and so far we have got nothing,hopefully the light bulb comes on and he can get it together.

Why exactly is this “on the coaches”?
ultimately it is the young man’s responsibility

I’m real big on personal responsibility.
It seems to be a lost virtue these days and times.
Always someone else to blame.

Amen, Doc. Well said.

the player will do what the coaches tell them to do conditioning wise is my point,if he doesn’t conditioning is not his problem,its doing what is required to be successful,being a team player and doing what everybody else does…it accountablilty. teammwork,everybody on the same page,this is what makes teams great.

I think it’s a pipe dream to think every player does everything the coaches tell them.
That’s just not reality.
Why do you think coaches speak of some players being “coachable” and not others?

like I said Doc then his problem is he’s not accountable to do what others do. he’s not willing to pay the price and if that’s the case he needs to sit.

Personal responsibility is not a high value in our present
day American culture. The PC crowd frown on it.

Seems to me he could stand to lose 15-20 pounds.
It might help.

I sure hope we get both the tackles off the Jonesboro
football team.The Golden Smash and Mash brothers.