State of the Hogs: Tiger wows in pro-am

A Santa clown. John does not care what you think. That’s part of his beauty. I know way too many other stories to worry about that part. He’s got more slips than I40 in an ice storm.


I’m sure that Jack is still tough to deal with in the design game, but one thing has changed. I heard him speak at an award ceremony several years ago and he admitted that all his designs early in his career was for single digit handicap golfers. But now he realizes the game can’t grow if the other 95% shoots way north of 100 on his courses and their golf interest wanes.

Jack was once hyped about the introduction of a ball that was bigger and would not travel far. He was intrigued with that idea for areas with limited room to build a course. Did not fly, so to speak. It was a restricted ball that went about half the distance.

Yeah. I’d like that. 120 yard drives. No way!

Yes, give me all the down hills and altitude I can find…

I remember that. The Cayman ball, I think. Developed in the Cayman Islands where space for a course was limited.
Wouldn’t bother me; I’m not a big hitter anyway and I don’t mind playing par-3 courses, so I’m not a grip it and rip it type.

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