State of the Hogs: The Real First Year of Brandon Burslworth

Here’s something that goes with the arrival of the movie Greater: … -first-ye/

Greater is showing at 2 theaters in Chattanooga this week. I’ll see it Saturday afternoon decked out in my Hog attire. There are a good number of Hog fans here. I spoke with one today (my Choirpractor) he’s taking his crew Friday night. Last week I received a text from a Missy State friend that lives here. He can’t wait to see the movie.

Brandon is a legend of our program. I’m hoping this movie does really well so others can be inspired by a guy that did everything right. Thanks to Marty and the others that worked to make this happen. I’ll have extra handkerchiefs on hand. My allergies typically get messed up at these type of movies… :wink:

I will cry. I plan to go Saturday night with my bride.

I’m going Friday with a group of 77 (if he got enough to sign up). We will be wearing Burlsworth glasses and tees. I can’t wait (and I’ll have plenty of Kleenex). I’ve seen trailers several times and each time they get to the part where Marty walks into the house with the patrolman there, it gets to me. I ordered my ticket last night. One of my friends didn’t order until today, and all of the 7 o’clock tickets were gone.