State of the Hogs: Tempo part of Arkansas offense now

Here’s a front-page commentary: … fense-now/

CBB vehemently opposed running the HUNH offense due to “health issues/concerns” previously! Bahahahahahaha…guess that was BS cause the other coach that opposed it, CNS of Bama, hired Lane Kiffin and went to it the next year.
CBB is full of it!!! … and we buy it!!!

With the con job he put on the razorback fan base, I wouldn’t be surprised if this man could sell bibles to an Athiest.

People still believe the crap that comes out of his mouth after 4.5 years of incredibly mediocre and bad play. I wish we’d all realize he isn’t the man for the job, and had it entirely too easy at Wiscy, who by the way is even better off without him.