State of the Hogs: Team Daly among favorites at PNC

Here’s a little golf to break up the hoops/football talk:

Thanks for the reminder Clay. I’ll be watching and rooting for Team Daly.

Hope LJ and Charlie put on a show! Both of their dads are battling health stuff.

I remember wishing that John would pay less attention to hitting the ball out of the county and more to using his incredible short game. It sounds as though LJ has those same skills. It’s always fun to see legacy athletes who love the Hogs and want to be part of the tradition.

Big John… got the Santa look going! :slight_smile:

Should be handing out candycanes & weinie whistles. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed watching that! I totally forgot and only saw the last hour or so. It was enough time to see Charlie Woods lace a driver down the middle, then thread a fairway wood between bunkers on the par 5 18th. I was spellbound.

It was great stuff.

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