State of the Hogs: Sweet dreams

I told you guys that in this time of no games I’ll dive into some of my passions, like fly fishing and golf. This one is on my dream fly fishing trip, done once about 11 years ago. I’m getting older and I may have one of these left in me. I do know that Jim would be a willing host and I bet Bill Pettit, my Cotter friend, would be up for it, too. Of course, right now, anyone will agree to about any road trip for later this summer, especially our wives who say in unison, “Please go!”

I am hopeful that I didn’t provide so much detail to this trip that when I do get to Luna Lake that it’s not covered up with Arkies and I have to deliver long talks about the Razorbacks every night to the point my camp runs out of Crown Royal Black. Even worse, Lake Margaret would be ringed with fly fishers standing shoulder to shoulder when I expected to be the only one to find it.

That was wonderful. I have been to Jim’s ranch and (being the ultimate gentleman) he gave my friend and I the tour before he took us to dinner. I got to meet JD and I’m so glad that I did. I can imagine him on those trails. I hope you get the opportunity to return.

BTW, I have that George Strait 50 Number Ones set. I just wish it had Amarillo by Morning on it.

Most people are shocked to learn that Amarillo, George’s signature song, was never number 1. Of course, now it is the one that was always, always sung at concerts and always brought the biggest roar. When I got the 50 number 1 set, I thought they should of made 50 number 1s plus Amarillo By Morning.

The song was recorded by several before George, but no way would anyone dare touch it now unless it was a tribute to George. Chris Ledoux has a great recording of it as well. Chris could do it just because of who he was. Both of these guys are cowboys, but Chris was the real deal and a World Champion Broc rider, sometime in the 80s I think.

Oh yes, I introduced Clay to both of these guys.

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Made me have to give it a listen just now.
Always enjoy.

I sing it all the time. I do the harmony. I let George sing lead.

I’m reminded by Pettit today that after we came out of the mountains in 2009 we went to Cheyenne to hear George Strait at Frontier Days Rodeo.

I forgot that was same trip. Jim May correct us on that. Not sure it was same trip. I’ve gone out there 8-10 times and they melt together.

Since you started talking about this, I wanted to say it was the same trip that I got us Front Row Standing for George at Cheyenne. I have the picture set you made handy and can check, but I think it may be.

That was a sweet trip.

Jim was kind enough to tell me about Buffalo Pass a few years back when I was looking for a place for my son and I to go camping. We didn’t do the trip out to Luna on horses but stayed right at the pass. It was late July and we had rain, sleet, hail, high wind, snow and bright sunny days. At that elevation, things can change fast. We had a great time. The road up to Buffalo Pass from Steamboat is pretty rough; not too bad coming up from the other side. Thanks again Jim - it was a fun week for us!

That camp area is sweet. There are neat hikes about any direction. Don’t have to go all the way to Luna to see beautiful vistas or find a sweet little lake with trout.

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Thank you Clay. This piece was the perfect way to start a dreary day with promises of more storms later today. Colorado is one of our favorite destinations. Your descriptions of the trip were marvelous. I smiled all the way through it but laughed out loud with you snack choice and the picture of JD looking back at you. Having spent many hours in a saddle I’ve seen that look.

Excellent. Yup!

Jim probably is more talkative than I wrote in the story. But not by much.

You got it pretty well correct, especially when in the back country. Louie L’Amour told me a long time ago that you will live a lot longer out there listening than talking. I pay attention to what he says. Seems to be right.

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