State of the Hogs: Stunts, Slants and Stems

Here’s a front-page commentary: … -20170415/

Really enjoyed the Code Red piece featuring Keith Burns. :smiley:

I love Keith Burns. He was fun as a player, fun as a coach. We exchanged phone numbers. He’s a coach that I have always rooted for going forward.

He did share a funny story on his one-year as a Bill Snyder assistant at Kansas State. They were playing in the Big Apple Bowl in NYC. They were leaving the practice site, in a bus. Snyder got after Burns on the bus ride. Said his players were not serious. They were looking out the window of the bus, not paying attention to something a coach was saying in the hallway of the bus.

"I told him, ‘Coach, we are in New York City and they are looking at the Statue of Liberty,’ " Burns said. “I really thought they should be enjoying the moment. But he didn’t.”