State of the Hogs: Stewart earned international fame

Here’s a front-page commentary after catching up with Dwight Stewart today: … ame-after/

P.S. I know this is the football board, but I always stick my stuff here, too.

Nice, I watched that game while in Pittsburgh Pa.

Watched the game from a hotel in Chicago. A co-worker was in the room next door. When Scotty hit The Shot my co-worker knocked on the door and asked if I was okay. He heard me scream…

Great memories.

Man I loved this story. Wonderful to learn that Stewart’s life is going so well. All the details about his playing career are fascinating too.

That was a great story on Dwight Stewart, Clay. Our team was 10 deep with several really good shooters. 25 years, sometimes we forget about the quality and depth of that team. Those were the days. We beat Duke for the National Championship. That was somethin’.

Coach K is still going strong…25 years later. That is amazing. I am not a Duke fan, but you have to give Coach K credit for an amazing and long career.

I’ve got a few phone numbers for other guys from the '94 team. I’ll work on getting interviews with a few. Someone suggested I do all of them. I can’t do that, but there are a few more that interest me.

Thanks for a great article, Clay! Beck and especially Stewart were may favorites on that team, loved how they were sort of under the radar for most people. I remember when they signed, thinking Coach R. was reaching, but I then gradually changed my mind. I see a little bit of Beck in Jalen Harris, but I haven’t seen anyone that compares to Dwight Stewart.