State of the Hogs: SEC sticks it to Hogs again

Here is my column from last night:

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We really need to create a “Preston Watts Award”

Awarded for Inepitude or prejudice where you “Iinserted yourself into the game to protect a School playing aginst the Arkansas Razzorbacks”

This includes Arkansas Football, Basketball and Baseball

youre membership is in keeping with the prejudice of Preston Watts who so egregiously saved University of Tenn in the Liberty Bowl that the NCAA changed the rules for Bowl Offcial assignments for all future bowl games

Your Award includes:

  1. Delivery of used eye glasses
  2. You picture on SEC regional Bill Boards with a FBI Wanted formate for theft
  3. Free classes on manhood and “How to makes the difficult calls in life and the courage to make them”

Steve Shaw the ultimated good ole boy is gone from the conference and McDaid will have to make a statement to show incompetence is not tolerated. Even S Mandel was angry:

" Finally: Longtime readers of mine no how much hate officiating controversies. It has to be something particularly egregious and game-deciding to get my blood boiling. And today, my blood boils for Arkansas.

The Razorbacks definitively got hosed Saturday night against Auburn, which the SEC kinda-sorta admitted. No, its officials should not have declared Bo Nix’s backward spike to be intentional grounding. It was a fumble. But Arkansas didn’t get to take the ball because its players didn’t make an “immediate” recovery. Which, of course they didn’t, because YOU GUYS BLEW THE PLAY DEAD.

Between that gaffe, the horrendous defenses and Jeremy Pruitt’s “mask” that covered literally everything but his nose and mouth, Saturday was not the SEC’s finest hour."

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I’ll gladly give to this great cause bluegrass. Hearing the name Preston Watts makes me want to hurl.

Screwed again. And the college football world agrees wholeheartedly with us on this one.

Just sad.

PS - Really good recap of the fiasco Clay.

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When the conference has to go to such lengths to try to cover for mistakes made by its officials and the official still gets off of the review and calls the wrong infraction what more is there to say?
I’m over all of the BS about being in the best conference, what good is all that Conference money when you lose your identity and self respect.


I propose that it be called the Marc Curles award. His crew not only screwed up Arkansas at Florida, but also LSU/UGA just a week or so earlier.

Although, for sheer lasting ability, it could be called the Perry Costello award. (I heard a CWS commentator mention that a call was Perry Costello bad several years after the horrendous game.)

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I’ll donate maybe someone like Marty has the connections to create such an award

We could call it the CC award for Curles and Costello.

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Well I don’t think it’s self respect - Arkansas sadly has some problems

  1. Is an image problem - that’s why Coa hrs always want to “just get them on campus” because what they find isn’t the prejudicial ideas that other coaches and programs promote and we help with losing records

  2. A lack of power to punish the league when they do things like change our so called schedules, change revials without consultation - have officials who are not punished
    Ark needs to find a way to punish In real meaningful terms the SEC front office like Bama or Florida or Georgia does if the SEC displeases them - not sure what they Are doing but Arkansas needs to do it x10

Oh that good

So Marty you got The connections to make this happen ?

What would the trophy look like a trophy with an official with broken glasses and money hanging out of his pockets littering the ground ?

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