State of the Hogs: Right Time to Take a Knee

Here’s my column from last night. It was in a thread that Jimmy put up last night, but thought I’d put the link up again to provide a place for discussion: … hipping-f/

12 vs 543…what a difference in rushing yards given up. I don’t know about taking a knee, but sometimes you just gotta sleep on it. What an amazing defensive turnaround; similarly, the Hogs nearly doubled Florida’s offensive performance.

Really a wonderful display of heart after the beat down.

Let’s hope that JD ad Jeff take a page from BB who stepped in and made the necesssary changes to right the ship. Women’s basketball can get back on track, but it will take leadership from the top. As BB said, sometimes as a leader you must just order the change without giving a lot explanations. JD needs to just say this is the way we are going to do it and “it is what it is”.

That said, in regard to football this is the best bye week we have ever had. Great, great changes in personnel. Agim has had time by now to grow into his role. That was not true in September. Austin Capps made a big league play or two himself. RR and Leadbetter on the outside are obvious homeruns. The offensive line played like someone had finally thought to reach up and turned on the light switch. Completely different unit than we have been seeing. I am so proud of this team.

Plain and simple,changes had to be made and players stepped up when called on the two weeks leading up to this game. No one that’s part of this team wether it be a coach, player or just a sold out true Razorback fan wants to ever see another performance like the one at Auburn. That game will forever be a teaching point at Arkansas to show what’s happens when your not prepared to play on game day. We showed up against Florida ready to redeem ourselves and prove what kind team we can be and how we can rebound from a loss. We have a chance to win out and move back up in the polls, we have new life and momentum moving forward headed for another game against a ranked team. My hats off to the players and coaches for this great win and to the great fans that came out to support our Razorbacks. This will only show up as one win in the victory coloum, but what it could do for recruiting in the long run is priceless Most physical game I’ve seen the Hogs play in years and hope that type of play and hunger is here to stay. WPS