State of the Hogs: Reid Miller is ready for another road trip

Here is a column about Reid Miller’s journey. He’s ready for another road trip: … road-trip/

All the best to Reid. Hate to see him go. He has to do what is best for him.

I wish all players had his determination and grit.

I wish the best for Reid. Like I wrote, I will miss him. I’m not saying I miss all of the players when they are done, but he’s a special person, special player. I believe if the Masters program he wanted was intact next fall, he wouldn’t be leaving. They restructure those programs every now and then. I don’t know a lot about the graduate programs for supply train logistics, but I guess it’s changing a bit next year and it won’t be quite ready for the fast track he needs. Matt explained to me once a scenario he faced in graduate school.

He’s extremely bright. He’s going to move up the ladder fast somewhere. He’s one that you watch and know that some day he might be your boss. He’ll be a good one, too. (He’s too smart to be in this journalism game, but he’s going to be the boss of someone!)

Really enjoyed reading about Reid, and as usual, good article by Clay. Intelligence & work ethic will carry someone along way in life, and it sounds like Reid has both. Best of luck young man!