State of the Hogs: Red hot Moore has to sit

Here is a column after catching up with Taylor Moore on an off week:

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Excellent read for all of us who are always happy and encouraged to read anything positive about our current or past Razorbacks-in any sport. I find Taylor Moore to be an exemplary example of a well rounded and mature young man and it is easy to pull for him since he is so engaged with a multitude of Razorback greats. Successful people are drawn to other successful people, especially when they share a common bond. I hope he stays healthy and becomes fabulously wealthy.

Glad to see his legal troubles are behind him and he is competing at a high level. He is absolutely on fire

You are predictable.

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Oh I’m the bad guy? He’s lucky he didn’t spend time in the clink.

A University of Arkansas golfer accused of taking pictures of an unconscious woman’s genitals pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of voyeurism Wednesday in Washington County Circuit Court.

Taylor Moore, 21, was sentenced to one year probation, fined $1,000 and was ordered to have no contact with the victim in the case. He will not have to register as a sex offender.

Our resident sewage control expert. Do you elevate your self-image by concentrating on the foibles of others?

There you go. I thought you could do that.

I figured it would be you. And did not call you a bad guy. Balance is good. You provide that.

That’s quite the term to use for what he plead Guilty to.

I suspect the victim doesn’t feel the same

As the sun coming up, lol.

Well, Mr. perfect, does that make your day better to be sure we all know about everybody’s past transgressions? Do you know all the details of this particular incident or did you just happen upon a headline? Was there a lengthy court case? Were there charges brought by the woman involved? Were they strangers or was there a previous relationship? It appears, without wasting more time reviewing Clay’s article or your ‘invaluable commentary’ that this incident took place some seven years in the past. Are you following his career or did you have personal knowledge of this incident or the people involved? Do you have a lengthy portfolio of transgressions of all previous Razorback players? Do you have a particular rock somewhere that you stay under so we can begin an investigation into your goings on? Have you ever been arrested for any legal violations that you would like to get out in the open so we have a better understanding of what and why you feel the way you do? Maybe we can get George Soros to fund an investigation to see if any dirt has been swept under the rug. I do hope you are not on probation for any past transgressions. Have you ever served time or agreed to voluntary community service? There I have WASTED time on your bs. Please feel free to return to your rock.

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And it all makes sense now

I kind of figured you would have him on speed dial. Nothing beats knowing when you need to Bleach Bit some things like dear old Hillary used. I imagine Hillary and George had some good laughs about that bit of skullduggery. Has she been back to Arkansas since…

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