State of the Hogs: Punch Needed, Plan Questioned

Here’s some thoughts after the game. I thought the defensive plan against Knight was probably wrong. Bielema spoke on that afterwards. You can’t leave the middle of the field open without a safety to play quarterback runs – especially when the mike linebacker vacates in man coverage. … fter-loss/

Clay, why do we run the ball up the gut on the goaline? Our line is not a dominating line, so why do we try to prove we can just force it in? We had trouble against TCU and now those Aggies. That goal line stand was the turning point of the game. Why not fake the run, roll Austin out and let him throw or run? The strength of our offense is Austin and our receiviers, not our running game. We need to be balanced, but we need to score touchdowns on the goalline no matter how we do it.

Is Bret being stubborn about trying to score by pounding it near the goal line? I think he might be. The Aggies are a better team than we are, but with a better defensive scheme and a change in philosophy on offense and we could have upset those Aggies. I think we got outcoached on both sides of the ball.

I couldn’t believe we spent so much time doing what they had hoped we’d do and run it up the gut, time after time. Why not spread the field at the 2 yard line and allow more gaps to run thru. Or maybe a pass to a TE. Geez!

We did attempt a pass to the TE on a goal line possession in the first half. Sprinkle had an A&M defensive back wrapped around his legs and taking him to the ground. I saw a lot of Jake Hall in as the TE, but really just an extra blocker in motion. Not sure if he can catch or not.

John Chavis showed why he is one of the TOP def coordinators in the game. His scheme plan for us was great BUT we played into his hands with stubborn determination to run right at them. We wasted a lot of plays running on 1st and 2nd down throughout the game.

Hell no, you cannot leave the middle of the field open without a safety. It is really dumb, no make it stupid, to think you can. But Saturday night was not the first time this defensive staff has tried those tactics and managed to escape with a win because there had been enough offense to save their butts. It is a team game. My suggestion is they better go back and review defense 101. Surely we will see something better when Bama comes to town.

I saw lost yardage plays on sweeps. I think the tactic should have been more passes on the goal line.