State of the Hogs: Post-season Tradition

Here’s something a little off topic, a little column about a January duck hunting trip: … tradition/

You are one heck of a story teller, Clay. Thank you for sharing.

I always look forward to the duck hunting stories. :sunglasses:

enjoyed the story but one could read between the lines…it was about the good times of old friends reuniting every year to keep in touch and doing what they love best…spending times together.was never a hunter or fisherman(probably the only native Arkansan with that claim)but the love for one another and the pride taken in each friend’s family and their adventures could be seen in the story.well done again sir…you painted a perfect picture that one could look at and understand…we all have or should have friends like these.

Great friends. Of course, I’m blessed with a lot of great friends from different points in my life. These were two of the early ones and we’ve never lost contact.

I’ve told you that Leo Crafton introduced me to Jean Ann. They knew each other from Sunday school class in church in Conway from college days. I was out of college, Jean Ann was finishing up. Leo told me, “Clay, she’s the marrying kind.” He had never used those words to me before about anyone. Boy, was he right. Knew it from the first date. I will be forever grateful to Leo.

That’s some beautiful country and fine fellas…even that Tinker character you mentioned.

Great article…made me miss home even more.

Good job Clay.

Tinker is not really part of our group. I’m not sure why or how he gets to hunt with us. I’m kidding. Always look forward to seeing that Tinker fellow.