State of the Hogs: Pittman teaching old lessons new ways

Here is a front-page commentary:


What a wonderful reminiscence that is. I got to enjoy Bill Connors for several years while I lived in Oklahoma. That was quite a present you received and thank you for sharing parts of it.

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Clay, your dad is one of my all time favorites. Loved reading anything he wrote.


Lot of stuff in that envelope. Got another piece I’ll write after reading everything.


Love, love this article

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You’ve done so many great columns, Clay. This is one your all time best.

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Well, it’s good because Connors gave me some good stuff. I blended in some new stuff. I guess some of my historical perspective helped. It also helps that no one else takes the angles that I take.

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Clay, great writing… No one does the arc and references the past to make a point for the present better.

You have been doing this a long time, but it’s just gets better.

As far as this spring, I am really looking forward to the physical development, but also the level of competition in these position battles. Any spring with a QB battle is exciting… just going to fun.

QB battle should be interesting.

Well done, Clay.

Lance Alworth at quarterback would have been awesome. He was a great athlete who was a 9.6 sprinter and was a very good baseball player. Lance was under-utilized by Coach Broyes, for sure. He certainly could have been used as a wide receiver, on occasion. He seldom got 20-25 carries in a game. Give credit to Coach Broyles…Lance did the punting and returned punts.

He was something to watch. He was so fluid and so graceful. He had charisma which only a select few athletes do. Every boy in Arkansas wanted to be like Lance Alworth. I know I did.

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Love how Clay keeps us reminded of the good ole days and updated in the present. With his own knowledge and knowledgeable connections.
We are very very fortunate around here.
Thanks Clay.

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Clay is ageing well. A natural. Well done as usual.

Clay, once again, great writing!

As an aside, I appreciated Pittman’s comment on Crawford at right tackle and the remark on guards. I had thought that at first but thought the right tackle spot was in good hands so Crawford would likely be a guard to start off with. Now I wonder how the spring competition will shake out for the two guard positions as it seems that they are comfortable with center and the two tackle positions at least at this time. Wonder how the redshirt offensive linemen are doing with a season in weight room?

We did not go player by player. He said entire group has really worked hard. On the line, he said, “I like that group a lot.” I’ve got more to write from that interview.

Good to hear, thanks.

Solid gold Clay!

I like them a lot too. I really think that one more year in the weight room under the current coaching staff will make a big difference in improving the push the line gets. Especially the three interior positions.


Clay, your a Gem of a writer. I grew up in Fayetteville in the 50"s. I remember Arkansas football back in the 60’s and the sound of Razorback Stadium on a Saturday afternoon. I also went to games in War Memoral and the area was buzzing. I loved your writing today, it took me back in time for a minute, to a time i was Freddie Marshall in my back yard. Those were great times in Arkansas Football. Thanks Clay!