State of the Hogs: pitchability plentiful for baseball team

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Great column!

I love velocity but you better have some movement on it and you better be able to find the corners because these guys nowadays see 95 a lot and will hurt you big-time if it comes in straight, looking forward to seeing if these guys can get it done

Gone are the days of teams having 1-2 that top 90. 95 is the new 90, and many teams are finding a half dozen who top 90 without blinking.

My son said his HS team had the gun on a few pitchers last week. One was sitting 90-92 and another hit 90 at least once. Neither are seniors. Pitching coach told my son that they were looking for arms because they felt they were “down.” Losing two who sit 93-96 will do that.

It is a different world.

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Yes it most definitely is a different world, I have heard so much great stuff about the staff but have kind of put my excitement on hold because our own hitters have had no problem whatsoever hitting these guys, so that tells me that either our guys are incredible hitters, or they’re having a problem keeping the ball out of the middle of a plate and like I said you better be able to locate the ball in and out nowadays or your going to get hammered. I do realize that our hitters see these guys all the time and have a good idea what’s coming already. We will find out pretty soon what we have.

Youdaman, I can offer a it of solace, possibly. My son said the pitchers at his school can’t throw anything but fastballs in some scrimmage settings. Clearly, the pitchers are getting live work, but the hitters are seeing a live machine, basically. No worry about off-speed stuff. My son’ throws a decent cutter and threw one to start an AB against a Big12 commit. Pitching coach was standing behind the mound and said, “that’s your one, just fastballs.” lol

I can recall seeing a really good lefty when I was 15. Everyone said he’d be a draft pick as an 18 year old. But all he threw was breaking balls. His arm was ruined before he was 17. Telling young pitchers to throw the fast ball isn’t bad advice. There is time for that off speed stuff to develop. Jalen Beeks was an exception. As a teenager he was already throwing mostly breakers. He would come in a game in relief for the Hogs and throw nothing but breakers. I assume that’s what he’s still doing in the big leagues.

Yeah I understand that Okla and that’s why these kids can crush the fastball unless it’s in on the hands are on the corners. I have seen a few get away with throwing the high fastball and get people out because they can’t lay off of it but it better be elevated because if it’s down the middle with no movenent it’s eventually going to get timed up and go a looong way. We will see how our power arms do… Love me some baseball

Yes he still throwing it and gave my Braves absolute fits struck out 7 about 3 in

There was a pitcher for the Hogs several years ago who had a high powered fast ball. The problem was, there was NO movement to it. I can’t remember his name, mostly because he hardly ever pitched. When he did come in, he gave up hits and HRs.

Jackson Rutledge. He ended up in JC. Drafted high and now is a top prospect with Nats.

No, it was years before Rutledge. This kid pitched just a very few times.

Rutledge had a similar issue. He could not throw the curve for a strike and the fast ball – while upper 90s – was straight. He’s added pitches since and has some “pitchability” but needed that year in JC to figure it out.

Nolan Sanburn

I thought Nolan pitched quite a few times.

Yes, Sanburn did pitch quite a bit. The pitcher that I’m thinking of was in school several years before Sanburn.

In his two years at UA, Sandburn pitched 73 innings. He was the starter in 4 games.

Yes, he pitched more than I thought. His ERA was pretty good too (below 4).

Pitcher don’t get to the Razorbacks without throwing hard. Coach Hobb’s will teach them how to pitch. Hogs pitcher faced a very talented lineup every time they pitched in scrimmage. Hogs have 10 or 11 very good hitters and a few great ones. Pitcher wont be able to slack off deep in lineup or pitch around hitters. Hogs pitching staff is the key. I believe they will be very good this year. The compaction they faced this fall and early spring will have them ready. They are very talented! This will be a fun season.

Shawn, my thoughts are similar. You expressed it perfectly.

This team really gets along and has a lot of hard workers - upper class man that have already had success that stay after practice to hit longer, grind longer. Its sets a precedent of excellence and toughness that is passed to younger players so they can pass it along. Attitude is a reflection of leadership. That’s the culture coach Van Horn has built and that is way he is a great coach!