State of the Hogs: Phil Steele thinks Hogs could surprise

Here’s a front-page commentary after hearing Phil Steele – along with the season speaker list for the NWA Touchdown Club that includes Bob Stoops, Gary Pinkel, Frank Beamer and Tommy Tuberville: … a-td-club/

Wow, that’s quite a speaker list for NWA… I might have to trip up there…just hope there is no alterior motive on inviting 4 unemployed coaches. LOL

I have heard from several who are in-the-know that he may be right on about Froholdt. It is amazing how much dedication Phil Steele has to the preview magazine. His hard work has paid off.

If this Oline plays to it’s potential…watch out. Here comes sustained long drives that protect the Defense and chew up the clock.

Phil works extremely hard. He gives his notes to coaches. So they help him. They get his info on their 12 opponents. And the coaches shoot straight. He hasn’t always got Petrino. Didn’t last year. But did in west ky and Ark years.