State of the Hogs: Petrus one of a kind

Here you go: … -one-kind/

Great story Clay. What a loss.

Prayers for his family.

Phenomenal read Clay - Content, subject, and writing!

Those I talked to painted it. I got out of the way.

Anyway, thank you.

Good job Clay.

I have talked to others that have interesting perspective of the Petrus story. So I’ll write something else in the next day or two. I didn’t get everything in from those I talked to on Friday. Writing a story like this drains you. My wife noticed it Friday afternoon. It just tears you up. Those I talked to generally broke down during our interview. If they didn’t, I figured I wasn’t talking to the right people.

Kills me to find out he was into metal. Wish I could have played with Mitch.

Easily the most uniquely driven and energetic person I’ve ever met in my life. His energy and excitement could literally melt the paint off the walls. I’ll always consider myself to be fortunate to have met and known Mitch, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to miss seeing him.

RIP #66 :cry:

I’m guessing that all who knew Mitch felt the same way.

I keep thinking about his bizarro Fearless Friday highlights, and how I’ll never see that again. Gone way too soon.

Your story made me teary-eyed. I have watched his Fearless Friday takes on Twitter over and over. Hilarious!

The interesting thing is that is just the way Mitch was all the time. He didn’t have to change to do those reports.