State of the Hogs: Optimism always the best option

Here’s a front-page column on the prospects of playing a 10-game SEC schedule:

As I said in the other thread, we’re gonna win one eventually. Might be sooner than we think. If we play them. That’s the part I’m not optimistic about. I’ve seen too many people in two states not wearing masks (and NC has a mask mandate).

Speaking of things that look ominous, I already know I’m not going to work Monday and Tuesday. We canceled clinic because of Hurricane Isaias, which is forecast to come right up the East Coast from Florida. So Hogmaestro (Charleston) and I (Wilmington) are right in his crosshairs. Hoping there’s not an evacuation order. I’m on the third floor of a hotel outside the 100-year flood zone so I should be okay in that regard.

Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy the coast.
Some mighty good eating over there.

Really enjoyed this column, Clay, one of your best ever. And hope Charleston and Wilmington stay safe. My son was barricaded in the newsroom in Wilmington working when the last hurricane hit. He’s in Greensboro now. He accompanied me years ago to the South Carolina game when I think 3 Arkansas QB’s got hurt. Good news is that I think we will be playing at South Carolina again this year, for the first time in many years and it is in driving distance from my home in Chapel Hill, NC. Bad news is that my pre-existing conditions won’t allow me to go even if it happens. Sigh!

We’re gonna be fine in Charleston per the latest models. Which is a welcome relief

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Looks like it’s still scraping close to Wilmington. But I had enough experience with storms in Galveston to know that the models can be quite wrong.

Enjoyed that Clay. It really is hard to look at anything in the football program as the glass half full. We have been so bad for so long. The general consensus seems to be that it was bad (really bad) coaching and that the talent level while down, was not that far down. If that is or was indeed the case, then I guess the glass is half full and they will somehow manage a win. The problem is, we are talking about hoping for 1-9. That is not much of a glass I guess.

Now basketball and baseball - I see the glass full and getting more so.

Good one Clay, football program has no place to go but up. The climb may be slow, but if it’s a slow & steady climb that’s ok.
Thank you for the move back here in 92. It could have gone either way for you but as I see it, all went up from there. For you and us.

Yep, good article Clay. We all know our Hogs should struggle this year, but we have hope that things will improve and perhaps we’ll see it in the win column. Hope is a good thing…especially in the midst of a pandemic.

Fantastic article Clay. I love it when you write about Bill Connor and your dad. I’ve always been a half full person myself.

I believe good days are ahead. Both in football and in a win over the virus. Hope springs eternal.

Great article Clay

I agree with that evaluation. It seems to me that coaching failed to inspire and bring out the competitive attitude of his teams. That being said, it seems that the talent level was down.

I think it came down to instilling toughness and lacking overall talent, especially at the line of scrimmage. Need both.