State of the Hogs: O'Grady Time About to Arrive

Here’s a front-page commentary: … e-arrives/

Outstanding article Clay.

I think if some of those younger guys can live up to the potential we can make a move.

The question I have, if its potential or hype for Bell, Merrick, and Gragg…

Regarding CJ, He could be and looks like a Winslow at TE… now if he can play like a Winslow…

The difference between O’Grady and the ones you mentioned, Bielema and Lunney are talking up O’Grady. I don’t hear that on those others. I don’t know what hype means. I do know that sometimes players who are in lower classifications are out of their element when they get to the SEC – at times.

I guess to me hype is when a player comes out of high school with all these stars and honers but gets to the hill or any college and has maxed out in high school.