State of the Hogs: Odom knows finding pass rush critical

Here’s a front-page commentary:


Good read! When I think about some of the really good teams there was always that guy that made the pivotal defensive play to either bring us back or put the game away. I’m ready for those days again!

Well if Gerald can stay healthy we for sure have one that can rush the passer, I know Coates is a grown man hopefully he has the speed to be able to rush the passer as well

Speed, speed and more speed. That’s what will turn this thing around. I think Barry Odom recognized this and was the number one goal in the last signing class. I give Sam Pittman credit for turning Barry loose to sign 15 of the 24 players on defense.

CSP had the knowledge to see where the needs were and start working to fix the problems. Hard work and coaching are important but it would be nice to know how the players are reacting to the new staff!

I’d give them a little more time before going into depth about how the relationships are working out. I really don’t worry about that after meeting the new coaches on the staff. It’s like having a whole bunch of Sam Pittmans.

Remember, they’ve not had a lot of time with the coaches so far. Recruiting covers up the actual 10-man staff. Then, they get a week off. I’d say the next three weeks will be a lot more one-on-one with the new coaches and players.

What you’ve had mostly is the players with the strength and conditioning staff.

Clay for the first time in many years I feel confident in our football staff! What CSP was able to do when he was our OLine coach carries a lot of weight and gives me hope and confidence in him!

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