State of the Hogs: Observations from Saturday's scrimmage

Here you go:

I wrote this Sunday morning before church, but I needed someone to read it. It was best to wait until today. Everyone had worked way too many hours last week – especially Matt – and it was good to let them spend yesterday with family.


Clay I agree with the surrounding cast being strong for the QB… An old HS coach of mine told me one time , “A QB needs to be the perfect combination of Super Man, and Peter Pan… when it’s 4th and 8 he must be super man and get the first, when it the 4th quarter and you’re down 13, he must make the lost boys believe they can fly!”… I think KJ has that potential, Super Man and Peter Pan!

On defense, I’m curious about the CB in the Secondary , who ever that is, that the opposition is going to identify in their game plan to pick on… Can we do two things. Can we give him some help with pressure up front ? Or can we be so strong in the secondary to man up on one side and shade to the picked on side ?

But loved the article, and thanks for the insight.

Not sure on your questions.

I’m sorry … only questions I have are on D, is can we get pressure on the QB to stop those big plays like we saw in the 4th quarter against Mizzou, or can we cover well enough to get some coverage sacks …

But honestly I was just talking a little football… I get excited and think out loud sometimes… love to visit about the HOGS

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I meant not sure on those questions. Think they are improved in both areas but doing it against SEC teams is not the same as 1 v 2 in spring.

Great article Clay… IMO the run game will have to very good to keep the pressure off the young quarterbacks I don’t think we can put our quarterbacks in 3rd and 8 and expect them to have a tremendous amount of success until they get very familiar with the progressions.

Defensively I’m a little concerned that by widening the defensive ends to get a better pass rush that we don’t make them very easily kicked out with traps and powers,counters. I do however think the defense should be much further along with all the people we have coming back and a great influx of talent. I’m looking forward to seeing how they do

I do not think both ends will widen. Gotta win some one on one battles.

Yeah will have to see what they do, I have assumed he was talking about DE. Will be interesting to see what we try to do.

The key with any front is late movement. What you see is not what you get. Odom’s defenses have always featured movement or slanting - often both.

Many see pre-snap alignment and think that’s what they get. The good defenses don’t let you zero in on pre-snap alignment.

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Yep OL worst nightmare is front that is always moving.

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