State of the Hogs: observations from football practice

Here you go:


Just went back and watched some practice clips. Wow. Clay, it seems like Rocket Sanders has the body to play TB in the SEC. Looks like a bad a**. And he must be fast.

I like the physical look of the Freshman WR K Jackson also… saw a photo of Jackson and Sanders standing next to each other …WOW!

I’m curious where is Soli?

And last, I love KJ Jefferson… He has that it factor.

Soli was there. I did not write about quite a few. I just did not include him, along with several others.

He is a beast! Built like a he’s been here 3-4 yrs. He’s never really had much time at running back that may be a problem because so much of being a great running back is pure instinct and that takes reps but he clearly passes the eye test

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