State of the Hogs: O-line Taking Shape, As Predicted

Here’s my column after the scrimmage: … -predicte/

Sure wish I could read this article. I’m logged in but apparently I must jump through more hoops to read the article. I fear if I do, I won’t be able to access that which I have already jumped through many hoops to access. Too many passwords and user names to keep up with. Getting real tired of it all.

Having the biggest arm is the last thing I’m concerned about when asking about a QB, but I do have to ask to make sure I understand your article.

Are you saying that AA has a better arm than any other QB? Velocity wise and long throw, or just accuracy, which is the most important?

I have to think that our Oline and Dline are making each other better for the first time in a while. I think this year’s Dline is one of the best in year’s and our Oline has more athleticism than in recent history. Ledbetter, Wise and Agim are going to blow up a lot of our opponents protection packages.

Yes, Austin Allen has the best arm. It’s accuracy, velocity and just general strength. His arm has gotten much stronger. He throws lasers when he wants to. But he also knows when to throw touch passes. I like what I see a lot. I’ve seen Cole Kelley fire some high velocity throws, too. But I don’t think he’s throwing it with any more velocity than Austin and Austin is much more accurate.

That’s great to hear. Thanks