State of the Hogs: O-line room fuller and healthier

There is competition in the offensive line now. Here is a State of the Hogs after a visit with Dustin Fry: … lthier-sp/

and as a Razorback fan, getting excited is like :Charlie Brown trying to kick a football, for several years now. Several.

But I don’t live my life in fear (to paraphrase Gas), so dadgummit, I’m excited about next football season!

6-6 then a bowl victory, keep recruiting and we’ll be ready for South Bend 2020.


This is where it all starts and if it is not right with these guys, then nothing else really matters much. At least they have some numbers and perhaps a little more talent compared to extremely little last year. Probably still a long ways from an SEC line, but perhaps they can be at least a middle of the road Sunbelt line.

And another year under the belts of the younger guys that were on campus with this staff originally arrived to better understand this position and to get much stronger. One would think we would see an improvement in the O line from last year to this year because of more time and growth in the system. At least this is what I am hoping and praying will be the case.

You are certainly correct Colorado Hog…if this group doesn’t perform it will certainly hamper us again.

One thing I think and hope will help us is with Hicks knowing the system WAY BETTER than the QB’s from last year that we should see him getting the ball out much quicker which reduces the opportunities for sacks.

3 deep when fall practice starts. Haven’t heard those numbers in more than a few years. Plus a good recruiting class on the Dline is a great start. Need numbers in the trenches on both sides.

I always watch more of the O-line than any other position in spring practice. Look forward to seeing these guys when things begin on March 1.

Hopefully the JUCO guys can take over the tackle positions but The best should play so it will be interesting just anybody other than Jackson…I think Capps can be very good and I like Winkel too.

This piece was quite enjoyable, thanks.

Someone in the program is pretty optimistic about the O-line. The person said the competition is pretty intense.

The same person wasn’t feeling the same way last year.

When the hogs can put a mean Oline on the field that’s when I’ll be happy. Just improvement at this point is all I want to see.
They won’t be perfect but they should be better. I hope we see some fresh staters in this group!

Agree. Still aways to go but a good dose of improvement should be expected.

One thing I wish we could change: I wish we could have gone into last season with a clear statement that the team was in transition and many positions were going to be problems all season. And that the depth was missing in some areas.

Wish we could have called it a tough, rebuilding season from the start. The fan uproar and internal dissension weren’t helped by a mistaken impression that a new coach could take Bielema’s leavings and do something like Houston Nutt’s first season. If people had known from the beginning that in many cases the players weren’t there, fans could have supported the team without rancor, and we could have maintained confidence in the rebuilding process – which has produced some impressive recruiting.

I said from the start last year that I was worried about the O-line. I think most predictions had the team in the bottom of the SEC. The very bottom by most. I was not really sure what to expect last year based on how much I’d seen. I may skip making any record prediction going forward. I sure don’t want to be blamed later by anyone that’s mad about a record. For the record, it would not have mattered what anyone had written or predicted, 2-10 was not going to go well with any fan. I had little confidence in the QB situation. I guess it’s not surprising that the two that battled it out last spring are both gone now.

I don’t think anyone saw 2-10 coming. That was a combination of lack of talent, abundance of schedule, some poor game management in at least one game, and plain old bad luck. I sure don’t see that happening again. Clay I can understand your being gun shy given the way the last few seasons have gone. I hope however that you will continue to offer up your best educated guess as what our record will be.

I know quite a lot about the Arkansas team, but very little about the other teams on the schedule. I just don’t have time to study them with proper depth. And, I’m probably not going to do it until the season gets under way. At that point, I must, to do a good job as the SEC rep on the Football Writers All-America selection committee.