State of the Hogs: Noland prepared for big season

Here you go:


Great article Clay. We get Noland and Pallette throwing the ball the way they are capable and the freshman phenom Smith is as good as advertised we are going to have an incredible rotation… when I was reading that it said that Noland had his own program and I remember Kopps saying he did his own thing… I was under the impression that the players did what Hobbs would suggest with him being the pitching coach… why do they do their own thing??

Hobbs and Kinsley design the programs for all of them. But it is different for each player. It’s “their own thing.” I do not think many are going to follow Kopps down the beet juice path. I think you are sort of being picky. Ha!

No not trying to be picky at aIl.I just saw that there were two different players doing their own thing and I didn’t think that was an option. I get it now they all have their own individual plans from Hobbs

And from Kinsley.

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Great article. My wife and I are excited with the prospects for this baseball team. OMAHOGS.

Another good one Clay & I do remember Hobbs saying that about Kopps. That he may just have a special season, boy did he.
Nolan being in a very similar situation and age as Kopps was. Can’t wait to see him on the mound.
Wonder if Bumper brought him a playbook just for, ya know something to read lol.

I don’t know about an offensive playbook. But watching tape of practice defense, he’d see our offense. He goes to all home games.

Excellent piece adding to the potential of the baseball season… don’t stop now.

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Nice story, pulling for him to have the year he wants. Being a senior and your last rodeo gets you focused. It also gives you experience and wisdom. He saw what alot of people saw in the title football game --there were some big and fast humans on that field and SEC is like that every week.


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