State of the Hogs: NFL vet Washburn owes everything to Arkansas

Just to prove I’m doing something other than fly fish, here’s a column that I enjoyed after a visit with Jim Washburn: … ng-arkans/

Great story… Hope, Coach B reads it and spends more time in East Texas. WPS

Great column. Lots of interesting information.

This feature was about as good as you will read about Arkansas football.

So much here: the unique nature of Razorback Nation, a story about Kenoy that’s awesome on several levels, a connection to Danny Ford, steroids, Switzer, HDN’s stupidity, the spoiling of the best recruiting we have ever had, JFB, cow feed, gigging the Gig Ems and pregame flyover level Goosebumps when reading someone talk about our special bond.

Great article on one of my all-time favorite Razorback coaches. I visited with Coach Washburn and his lovely wife on several occasions when they were at South Carolina and Arkansas. They were great down to earth people and deserve a well earned happy and enjoyable retirement. Good things still happen to good people.

I had no idea Washburn had a felony on his record. I devoured everything Hog-related I could find at the time and I never saw that reported. I’d find it hard to believe in the current climate that a school, or an AD, could get away with giving someone a second chance like that. It worked out this time, both for UA and for Washburn.

Best article.

Agree. Great job Clay.

Jeromy Flowers, Randy Garner, Kenoy Kennedy, Bobby Williams, Fred Tilley, Jason Peters, etc, etc.

East Texas has been good to the Hogs and we need to recruit the heck out of it!