State of the Hogs: Morris puts Catalon on special list

Here’s a front-page commentary on Jalen Catalon: … as-safety/

When was the last time we had a playmaking safety like Catalon? He sounds just like what this defense needs.

That was a cool article, Clay. You have been bringing the heat, lately.

Could we have some more articles on the older Razorbacks, like Glen Ray Hines? Those take me back to when we were among the powerhouses in college football…as Archie Bunker would sing, "those were the days’.

I do like to visit with the players from other eras. But I enjoy this time of year when it’s time to dive into the calls to the coaches of the new players. I will say that it was fun talking to Chris Melson, the Mansfield Legacy coach. I covered him when he was a high school player at Ada, Okla. I am pretty sure I was at Lewis Field (in Stillwater) the day that he led his team back from an early deficit to win the 1986 Class 3A state title, beating Guymon. It was a cold, cold day to play football. I wasn’t sure of the temperature that day, just that it was cold. Chris reminded me that it was 13 degrees that day.

Tony Bua played a little bit of safety, but was mainly an outside linebacker for the Hogs. I listed the great ones. One who doesn’t get mentioned as much is Greg Lasker. I ran into him in Mayflower a few weeks ago. I was on the way to duck camp and met one of my buddies for lunch. We stopped in a small lunch place just off of the interstate in Mayflower. Greg had his laptop out and was doing some business while knocking down a sandwich. I recognized him and got a big bear hug. I covered Greg when he was playing at Conway High, then later for the Hogs. Lasker had track speed. I think he ran a 10.3 in the 100 meters in high school.

I’m not sure my heart will handle a new Hog safety with this kind of endorsement after what we’ve seen from the position over the last decade or so.

I got a text Thursday night from Kenoy Kennedy. Kenoy lives in Terrell, Texas, not terribly far from Mansfield. He said he’s seen Jalen Catalon play and talked to him Wednesday after he signed to congratulate him on becoming a Razorback. Kenoy said to tell Razorback fans that Catalon can really play. Kenoy said, “Jalen is a faster me.” I inserted that into my story.

Speaking of players from other eras… Where is Joe Ferguson now?

Joe lives in Bella Vista. He does some real estate sales in that part of Washington County for Lindsey. But mostly he’s out there on the Bella Vista POA lakes trying to make sure the bass are still there.

I talk to Joe now and then. He hasn’t gone to many games lately. His wife has arthritis in a severe way and so it’s tough to walk into Stadium.


A faster Kenoy Kennedy right from the horses mouth is all I needed to hear. Well along with all of the other accolades from HS coach, Morris & you Clay.
Working hard to get ahead on his rehab along with Burke’s is a nice tidbit also.