State of the Hogs: Morris on detail to move Hogs to

Here’s my commentary after visiting with Chad Morris on Thursday: … left-lane/

One thing I noticed: Arkansas scored its fewest first-quarter points since 1997, another season when the offense was a dysfunctional mess.

Seemed like we came out behind the eight ball every week. Why couldn’t we script even one good drive to start a game?

Only time I recalled a good start was Vandy. Scripting is good when you can execute a play. I did not see execution. When there is little blocking, I do not think you can call winning plays. I never saw sustained blocks. Nothing consistent.

Clay question. In your article you said the offensive linemen last season slimmed down. Now this year Morris wants them to bulk up and get stronger. Kinda of a 180. Do you think he made a mistake or miscalculation on the type of lineman he wants or how he wants them trained in the off season? Think playing against sec talent opened his eyes?

We sat in endzone for the Alabama game and warming up they weren’t fast at all. But stout, you betcha. Their guards and center we thick and strong. It showed in the game.

Will this change what he looks for in offensive line recruits in the future? I know they need good feet also. Just curious. Slim down now bulk up. Seeems like a total change in philosophy

It’s the same thing you do with every player. Eliminate body fat. Add lean muscle.

Never a mistake. First thing is to get them in shape. Then build muscle mass.

Remember Brandon Burlsworth? Came in at 320. Mainly fat. Leaned down to 250. Built back muscle to 305. Was fast and strong.

That’s the process.

Dalton Wagner lost to 250. Now is building muscle mass.

Lose the bad weight. Gain muscle.

No, it’s not a mistake.

Will be very curious to see what kind of weight we start off next year at. I wished we had the numbers so we can see how much stronger they got but nobody ever shows that.

Ok. Thanks. Didn’t know the process. No wonder freshmen offensive linemen have such a hard time contributing early. However cbb had Kirkland and the big kid at tackle play as freshmen. Forget his name. Not sure about ragnow. Gotta be very good I guess coming out of high school to really contribute as a freshman

Kirkland and Skipper played as freshmen. But they were so-so. I mean they fought hard and were big bodies. Just not very polished and missed assignments. That offensive line did not pass protect very well. Brandon Allen threw it away a lot and took some sacks.

You see a few freshmen play in the offensive line every year. Alabama has done it several times. But when you talk about players like Shawn Andrews or Cam Robinson or Denver Kirkland, you are talking about the exception rather than the rule. I do think Noah Gatlin was on the verge of doing it before getting an ankle injury. Nagging injuries in camp can take a freshmen out of the picture in a hurry. They need every day of camp to do it.

my question is why in the world would you have Wagner lose down to 250! makes no sense…I am bigger than that(don’t need to be lol) 300 would have been perfect at his height.

If the 300 “as is” was still too much fat and not enough muscle you have to keep taking that fat off until you get to a base line to build him back with good weight. I’m sure they were looking closely at his BMI, etc. during the process, and they know he can eat enough to get back to 300. So patience is the word for Wagner(he still will have to get used to the “new” Wagner once the physical re-shaping is complete).

I just think 6’8 250 is pencil thin and looks nothing like a SEC OL I don’t know what he started at but seems like it was around 320…He looks like a pretty good player but will definently have to bulk up and get much stronger…we wil see.