State of the Hogs: Morris adds guru in Turner Gill

Here’s a column after a long visit with Turner Gill: … rner-gill/

FYI, Turner is one of the favorite people I’ve covered in my almost 50 years of covering college football. High character and high ability to communicate make for quite the package. Of course, he was talented on the football field. He’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met in sports.

Awesome article Clay, pure gold!

Agree. What a great read. Thank you.

Apparently, it made its way to Husker Land and I’m getting nice emails from those folks. Everyone who has ever been around Turner Gill benefited. He was a fun interview. You can probably tell that.

Thanks Clay. Turner is a huge addition to the Razorback family. His experience alone will be very helpful to Coach Morris. And his guidance and direction for the young men on the team is priceless.

The more I read the more I feel Coach Morris will make Razorback football relevant again.

Excellent article.

Gifted and articulate is Turner Gill, and it is a wise move by coach Morris. You have to believe this is a strong positive move for our team and staff. I like the caliber of leadership
we have on our staff. The net result will hopefully be more
wins, lots more wins.

The wins will come.

I think so too. Someone just posted on Twitter that he would give $200 to those who retweeted his post should the Hogs win 5 or more games. I couldn’t pass that up.


Perfect piece to the puzzle.
Thanks Again Clay

That is a nice piece to the puzzle – like the whole state of Nebraska and a little bit from the state of Texas, New York and Virginia. I don’t think he’ll count for Kansas. Didn’t stay long.