State of the Hogs: Me and the Dipper

This story meshes with the feature I assigned Nate Allen to do a Where Are They Now for our magazine last month. It gave me a reason to write some personal stories about Marvin. There is a hyper link to Nate’s feature in the second graph of my commentary: … nd-dipper/

Thanks Clay for the follow up to Nate’s article. A wonderful story about a Razorback legend. No one (other than OH) can give us these stories from personal experience. As a guy growing up in the 50’s & 60’s it’s special to hear about the guys we watched and loved.

You are appreciated Clay. Very much.

I guess it takes an old timer to give the rest of the old timers a story we can reflect upon and really enjoy. The young pups wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I do! Thank you Clay. Your a class act.