State of the Hogs: Martin, Kjerstad taking care of details

Here’s a column after spending some time with Casey Martin and Heston Kjerstad:

Awesome Article Clay! I thank that if Martin will just that the game come to him he can have an incredible year. He is so anxious to hit the ball and pull it, that if he will just let the ball get a little deeper he can hit it out of any part of the ballpark. They will not throw him many strikes until he proves he can do that. I am so looking forward to seeing how these two guys do and the rest of the new guys we have…

Clay that’s a great article.
All the interviews seem to have the players saying the same thing. They want to win it all!
Heston and Casey need to have a good years and it will be awesome to watch them play but it will also be sad to watch them leave.

There are new stories to be written about new players. Starting on that tomorrow. There is always something new around the corner in Razorback sports. Keeps me going.

Clay you keep the old hog fans going!
Keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed the depth of the article on hitting, Clay. Casey has those quick twitch muscles, so I expect him to really improve his approach and average this year. Being as quick as he is, he can wait on that ball just a shade longer than most. I can’t believe he will be gone after this summer. Time flies and the next group of young men come on.

He’s coming back from that broken bone. May take him some time to get going.

Yes he lost a lot of swings waiting on that to heal,said he was making good strides on hitting the breaking ball before he broke it…

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