State of the Hogs: Louis Campbell and his trout of a lifetime

Here’s something the fly fishing folks will enjoy and maybe the rest since it’s about one of our favorite sons (from Razorback Nation): … -lifetime/

Great story. About 25 years ago I hooked one that I am pretty sure was over 15 lbs., maybe bigger. Giant. I hooked it on a lure – a countdown Rapala – during rainy, cold weather in January and high water. We were one of the few boats on the water. Can’t recall if there was a shad kill. Just drift fishing and casting – spinning rod, 6 lb. test line.

You got it right about the boat. I was with a friend of mine that is not much of a fisherman, and had never operated a river boat. I hooked the fish. He couldn’t start the motor. We’d have been in bad shape had we continued to drift, so I had to go back to the motor and get the boat going right. Meanwhile, I’d given my rod to him and the fish got wrapped on a log and got away. I’ve caught a few under 8 lbs. since then, and some on a fly rod. But 8 is about my biggest. I don’t get up there enough any more. Again, great story Clay and congrats to Coach Campbell!

Thank you for the story, Clay. I treasure the articles you write about fishing

Maybe we could have an outdoors board. I sure would love it. Hunting, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors is an integral part of the Arkansas fabric